Product NameProduct Description
  DURAZONE 37™ antiozonant DURAZONE™ 37 antiozonant is added into rubber as a compounding ingredient in quantities of 2 to 4 parts per 100 parts RHC.
  FLEXZONE 3C™ antiozonant FLEXZONE™ 3C antiozonant is a protective agent for natural and synthetic rubber products.FLEXZONE™ 3C antiozonant is unique since it produces exceptional resistance in rubber products to the deteriorating actoin of not only heat and oxygen but also ozone and flexing fatigue.
  FLEXZONE 4L™ antiozonant FLEXZONE™ 4L antiozonant provides outstanding initial static protection.Protects rubber against oxygen degradation and is active in promoting the cure of compounds.
  NOVAZONE™ AS stabilizer NOVAZONE™ AS stabilizer is a strong rubber antioxidant and antiozonant.