The styrenics family includes crystal polystyrene & a variety of copolymers such as HIPS, ABS & SAN that overcome the brittleness of polystyrene by itself.  

SI Group recommended stabilizers for styrenics can be found on this page.  Recommendations for members of the wider styrenics family can be found in the relevant subsections.

For more specific advice on the stabilization of styrenics please contact us through this website.

 Product Name     Product Description
  WESTON™ 618F phosphite WESTON™ 618F phosphite is a phosphite that is a highly effective color and molecular weight stabilizer for polyolefins, polyesters, elastomers, styrenics, engineering thermoplastics, and adhesive formulations. It also contributes to the thermal and UV stability of these polymers. This product is available in a flake form.
  LOWINOX™ CPL stabilizer LOWINOX™ CPL stabilizer is a highly effective, polymeric, non-discoloring phenolic antioxidant.
  LOWINOX™ CA22 stabilizer LOWINOX™ CA22 stabilizer is a high performance hindered phenol antioxidant that provides excellent extraction resistance and color performance.