Tire & Rubber Compounding

Tires & rubber products are used in a range of demanding, high performance automotive & industrial applications that require effective stabilizers to protect them & increase their durability.

SI Group has developed a variety of industry leading antioxidants & antiozonants that offer protection against heat, oxygen or flexing degradation in addition to other benefits such as low discoloration & staining.

For advice on the most effective stabilization package for your application, contact our experts through this website.

  Tire & Rubber Compounding
Product NameProduct Description
  OCTAMINE stabilizer OCTAMINE™ stabilizer is a solid amine-type antioxidant that gives minimum discoloration and maximum protection. Use in sulfur cure systems. Effective in EPDM, Neoprene and nitrile rubbers.
  NAUGARD™ 445 stabilizer NAUGARD™ 445 stabilizer is a highly effective, non-discoloring solid aromatic amine type antioxidant finding utility as a thermal stabilizer in a wide variety of applications including polyolefins, styrenics, polyols, hot melt adhesives, lubricants and polyamides
  DURAZONE 37 antiozonant DURAZONE™ 37 antiozonant is an antioxidant and an antiozonant which is added into rubber in quantities of 2 to 4 parts per 100 parts RHC.