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Aminic Antioxidants (L)

  Aminic Antioxidants (L)
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  BLE® stabilizer BLE® stabilizers are high temperature reaction products of diphenylamine and acetone. They are recommended for tire tread, breaker, chafer, rim flange and carcass compounds.
  NAUGARD® FOAMPLUS LE 5 polyol stabilizer NAUGARD® FOAMPLUS LE 5 polyol stabilizer is the ultra-low emissive liquid antioxidant formulation for the stabilization of polyether and polyester polyols used for production of polyurethane, especially flexible slabstock foams.
  NAUGARD® PS30 stabilizer NAUGARD® PS30 stabilizer is a liquid amine antioxidant developed specifically for use in polyether polyols to reduce scorch associated with flexible urethane foam production.