Aminic Antioxidants (S)

  Aminic Antioxidants (S)
Product NameProduct Description
  AMINOX stabilizer AMINOX™ stabilizer is a low temperature reaction product of diphenylamine and acetone
  FLEXAMINE™ stabilizer FLEXAMINE™ stabilizer is used in heavy service truck treads and carcass compounds to combat the degrading effects of heat and mechanical flexing. Also, for natural rubber wire insulation, linesmen's blankets, gloves or other products that come in contact with copper or manganese.
  NAUGARD™ 445 stabilizer NAUGARD™ 445 stabilizer is a highly effective, non-discoloring solid aromatic amine type antioxidant finding utility as a thermal stabilizer in a wide variety of applications including polyolefins, styrenics, polyols, hot melt adhesives, lubricants and polyamides.
  NAUGARD™ Q stabilizer Used in natural rubber, synthetic polyisoprene, SBR, BR, NBR and EPDM; in applications such as tire carcasses, retreads, apex, belts, hose, seals, mechanical goods, footwear and wire.
  NAUGARD™ SUPER Q stabilizer NAUGARD™ SUPER Q stabilizer is an effective processing and long term heat stabilizer for a variety of application areas in LDPE. LLDPE, HDPE and ethylene-propylene copolymers. 
  NOVAZONE AS stabilizer NOVAZONE AS stabilizer is a strong rubber antioxidant and antiozonant.  
  OCTAMINE stabilizer OCTAMINE™ stabilizer is a solid amine-type antioxidant that gives minimum discoloration and maximum protection. Use in sulfur cure systems. Effective in EPDM, Neoprene and nitrile rubbers.