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Cresolic Antioxidants (S)

  Cresolic Antioxidants (S)
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  ANOX® 29 stabilizer ANOX® 29 stabilizer is a highly effective, sterically hindered bisphenol antioxidant useful for a number of organic substrates.
  ANOX® PP18 stabilizer ANOX® PP18 stabilizer is a high molecular weight hindered phenolic antioxidant, which is available in powder, granular and fine granular (ANOX® PP18 S stabilizer) form.
  LOWINOX® 1790 stabilizer LOWINOX® 1790 stabilizer is is a high performance, sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant of the trisphenol class with a cyanuric acid central moiety.
  LOWINOX® 22M46 stabilizer LOWINOX® 22M46 stabilizer is an excellent antioxidant, based on a sterically hindered alkylated bis-phenol.
  LOWINOX® CA22 stabilizer LOWINOX® CA22 stabilizer is a high performance hindered phenol antioxidant that provides excellent extraction resistance and color performance.
  LOWINOX® CPL stabilizer LOWINOX® CPL stabilizer is a highly effective, polymeric, non-discoloring phenolic antioxidant.
  LOWINOX® TBM-6 stabilizer LOWINOX® TBM-6 stabilizer is a non-staining and non-discolouring hindered thiophenol antioxidant.
  LOWINOX® TBP-6 stabilizer LOWINOX® TBP-6 stabilizer is a non-staining, non-discoloring hindered thiophenol antioxidant mainly used for wire and cable applications.
  LOWINOX® WSP stabilizer LOWINOX® WSP stabilizer combines excellent non-staining, non-discoloring properties with outstanding antioxidant protection in a wide range of elastomers, polyolefins and other plastics.