Cure Chemicals

  Cure Chemicals
Product NameProduct Description
  BIK OT™ curing agent BIK OT™ curing agent.
  HEPTEEN BASE™ curing agent HEPTEEN BASE™ curing agent is widely used in molded and steam cured natural rubber and pure gum compounds.
  RETARDER ESEN™ curing agent RETARDER ESEN™ curing agent is an anti-scorch agent designed to greatly improve processing safety.
  ROYALAC™ 150 curing agent ROYALAC™ 150 curing agent is an innovative rubber chemical developed by Uniroyal Chemical and currently part of SI Group's portfolio as an ultra accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers.
  TRIMENE BASE™ curing agent TRIMENE BASE™ curing agent is a high temperature rubber accelerator with a medium to long curing range. It prevents sagging of compounds in early stages of air curing. It is a latex foam stabilizer which prevents foam collapse by causing gelling to take place at a higher pH.  
  NOVAZONE AS stabilizer NOVAZONE AS stabilizer is a strong rubber antioxidant and antiozonant.  
  OCTAMINE stabilizer OCTAMINE™ stabilizer is a solid amine-type antioxidant that gives minimum discoloration and maximum protection. Use in sulfur cure systems. Effective in EPDM, Neoprene and nitrile rubbers.