Elastomers & Latex

SI Group supplies a range of phenolic, phosphite & amine antioxidants in solid & liquid forms for the elastomer & latex industries.  These are added to the rubber during processing to achieve the performance characteristics required for different applications, or to the emulsion elastomers before coagulation to protect the polymer latex during finishing & storage. 

Each antioxidant brings a range of benefits such as non-staining & non-discoloring properties, high hydrolysis resistance, protection against the effects of oxygen & heat without influencing the processing or vulcanization properties, good permanence in the polymer matrix & good extraction resistance

A new ‘self-emulsifying’ form (‘SE’) has been developed by SI Group to aid productivity for a large number of liquid products & blends that are used in an aqueous environment, such as natural or synthetic latex & the emulsion polymerization of synthetic elastomers.

  Elastomers & Latex
Product NameProduct Description
  WESTON™ 705T phosphite WESTON™ 705 is the first nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant to receive broad FDA and global food contact approval and today it is the most tested polymer antioxidant ever put on the market and the only one that has successfully passed these new higher standards. It is also useful in a variety of other polymer applications such as SBR, NBR, SBC, SBS, ABS and PVC.
  LOWINOX™ CPL stabilizer LOWINOX™ CPL stabilizer is a highly effective, polymeric, non-discoloring phenolic antioxidant.
  LOWINOX™ 22M46 stabilizer LOWINOX™ 22M46 stabilizer is an excellent antioxidant, based on a sterically hindered alkylated bis-phenol.