Polyols, PURs

Polyols are reacted with isocyanates to make polyurethane, a polymer found in a wide range of applications such as rigid & flexible foams, thermoplastic (TPU), spandex & CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants & elastomers).

Polyols, (in particular polyether polyols), are very sensitive to oxidation during storage & transport & the use of appropriate stabilization systems will protect not only the polyol building blocks but also the finished polymer during its service life.  Products recommended for this application are either liquids or solids soluble in polyol.

SI Group’s broad stabilizer range for polyurethanes is known under the tradenames NAUGARD™, ANOX™, LOWINOX™ or WESTON™ antioxidants & LOWILITE™ light stabilizers (HALS, UVA).

  Polyols, PURs
Product NameProduct Description
  NAUGARD™ PS 3015 stabilizer blend NAUGARD™ PS 3015 stabilizer blend is a BHT free liquid thermal stabilizer blend for polyether and polyester flexible foams. This liquid synergistic blend is used to protect polymers during processing and long term aging.
  ANOX™ 1315 stabilizer ANOX™ 1315 stabilizer is a highly effective, non-discoloring, liquid hindered phenol antioxidant.