Poly(vinyl chloride) or PVC as it is more commonly known, is the third largest thermoplastic produced in the world.  Most is produced using synthesis in suspension polymerization or, in some cases, emulsion & bulk polymerization are used. ‘Natural’ PVC is a rigid structure which means plasticizers are an essential component in the PVC formulation to determine flexibility of the final product.  

PVC is largely used in construction applications such as pipes, floors, window frames, sidings, roofs & electrical cable, though its uses are far wider stretching to industries such as toys, fashion & furniture.

High performance antioxidants for PVC

PVC will release HCl upon degradation so thermal stabilizers, typically heavy metal derivatives & metallic soaps, are added to efficiently trap the  HCl during processing.  Phenolic antioxidants such as LOWINOX™ GP45 phenolic antioxidant stabilizer are often added as a chain stopper to terminate the reaction at the end of polymerization.  These antioxidants carry the added benefit of helping prevent discoloration of  the PVC powder during the drying process. SI Group™’s LOWINOX™ CA22-50D phenolic antioxidant stabilizer is a water dispersion specifically designed for both PVC suspension & emulsion polymerization.

High performance light stabilizers for PVC

In PVC end applications requiring light stability of the product, SI Group™ LOWILITE™ 22 , LOWILITE™ 27, LOWILITE™ 28 & LOWILITE™ 55 UV absorbers are effective used alone or in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers such as LOWILITE™ 94 HALS.

 Product Name     Product Description
  WESTON™ TNPP phosphite WESTON™ TNPP phosphite is a versatile phosphite stabilizer which is useful in a large number of polymers such as HDPE, LLDPE, SBR, ABS, PVC and others.
  WESTON™ 705 phosphite WESTON™ 705 phosphite is a versatile phosphite stabilizer and nonylphenol-free. It is useful in a variety of polymer applications such as HDPE, LLDPE, SBR, NBR, SBC, SBS, ABS, PVC and others. Based on proprietary chemistry, it has been designed to replace TNPP in those instances where a TNPP alternative is sought. New advances in Polyethylene technology combined with the insatiable desire for continuous improvement in productivity and safety requires new and new and higher performing additive stabilization systems. WESTON™ 705 antioxidant delivers a more consistent solution at the plant resulting in lowering operating and supply chain costs and a safer work environment. Addivant’s next generation nonylphenol-free, phosphite antioxidant is specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional solid phosphites. WESTON™ 705 antioxidant not only meets all present performance and regulatory requirements but has been designed with the future in mind.
  LOWINOX™ CA22-50D dispersion LOWINOX™ CA22-50D dispersion is a 50% by weight water-based dispersion of the hindered phenolic antioxidant LOWINOX™ CA22 stabilizer.