Fuel Antioxidants


SI Group's line of ETHANOX® fuel antioxidants maximizes the storage life of many fuels and protects fuel systems by increasing resistance to oxidation.

They also help control insoluble gum formation. In addition, by using ETHANOX fuel antioxidants, petroleum and biofuel refiners and marketers can meet stringent government regulations and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards, including those requiring reduced emissions.

What’s more, ETHANOX fuel antioxidants also meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and military specifications for aviation fuels. And, to support the expanding use of biodiesel fuels worldwide, we offer an array of biodiesel antioxidants that stabilize fuels and prevent deposit formation in diesel engines.

  Fuel Antioxidants
 Product Name     Product Description
  ETHANOX 4701 Gasoline Engine Oils (PCMO), Diesel Engine Oils (HDD), Hydraulic Oils, Turbine Oils, Industrial Lubricants, Grease, Automatic Transmission Oils, Transformer Oils.
  ETHANOX 4733 A blend of phenolic antioxidants recommended for jet fuel, and gasolines. It meets major civil, and military specifications for transportation fuels.
  ETHANOX 4737 Dilution in an aromatic solvent for gasoline (aviation and motor), turbine fuels (aviation) and fuel oils (diesel).
  ETHANOX 4740R Hindered phenolic/phenylenediamine blend for gasoline (aviation and motor) and intermediates.
  ETHANOX 4760R Blend of antioxidants and a metal deactivator for gasoline (aviation and motor) and biodiesel.
  ETHANOX 4776 Dilution in toluene for gasoline (aviation and motor), Turbine Fuels (aviation).