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Tara Morgan
P.O. Box 1046
2750 Balltown Road
Schenectady, NY 12301

 电话: +1.518.347.4194
 传真: +1.518.347.6194
手机: +1.518.813.5141


11/5 SI Group Announces New Executive Leadership
10/15 SK Capital Completes Acquisition of SI Group
8/15 SI Group Rises to the Top 7 Percent for Global Corporate Social Responsibility
8/2 Significant Ibuprofen Expansion Planned for SI Group
6/1 SK Capital Announces Agreement to Acquire SI Group
6/19 SI Group Appoints New Vice President Global Human Resources & Communications
6/5 SI Group Ranks in the Top 10 Percent for Global Corporate Social Responsibility
5/11 SI Group Chemist Dr. Alexandra Krawicz Receives 40 Under 40 Award
4/27 SI Group Completes Expansion in Rio Claro, Brazil
4/18 Global Water Treatment Expert Appointed to SI Group Board of Directors
3/31 SI Group Announces New Calixarene Oilfield Chemistry
3/29 SI Group Board Chairman Named 2017 Business ChangeMaker
1/5 SI Group Announces Executive Leadership Changes
11/16 SI Group Ranked as Top U.S. Entry Level Employer by #1 Job Website
10/19 SI Group Completes Acquisition of Key Raw Material Facility
10/7 Second Grade Class to Benefit from Technology Gift on Manufacturing Day
9/26 SI Group Announces Oilfield Chemistry Product Launch
9/23 SI Group South Carolina Plant Receives National Safety and Health Recognition
9/14 SI Group Announces Agreement to Purchase Baytown, Texas Facility
7/19 SI Group Appoints Distributor for Russia Market
7/12 SI Group Receives VPP Star Recertification from OSHA
5/23 Global Chemical Industry Expert Appointed to SI Group Board of Directors
5/17 SI Group Receives Responsible Care® Facility Safety Award
5/4 SI Group Announces Plans to Invest $30 Million into State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility
4/20 圣莱科特获 圣 E莱c科o 特 获 E c o V a d i
3/8 SI Group Announces Results from Inaugural Charitable Giving Campaign
11/23 The Wright Family Foundation Announces New Mission
11/5 SI 集团向南卡罗莱纳州 Harvest Hope Food Bank 捐赠 5,000 美元
10/26 SI 集团与 miSci 揭幕全新的互动式化学展览
10/20 斯克内克塔迪县收到 SI 集团捐款 2.5 万美元 用于支持减少有害废弃物计划
10/4 最新报道:SI 集团计划长期扩大双酚生产
10/1 SI Group 宣布任命行政领导团队新成员
9/14 SI Group 宣布全球品牌转化
7/26 SI Group 的英国工厂赢得著名的行业大奖
4/8 SI Group Announces Expansion in Rio Claro, Brazil
12/17 SI Group 宣布长期双酚扩展计划
11/19 2015 年 2,6-二甲酚扩大生产计划
11/14 SI Group 双酚扩展计划
8/27 圣莱科特国际集团已完成收购雅宝产品和资产
4/15 SI Group 将收购 Albemarle 的抗氧化剂、布洛芬和异丙酚业务
3/6 ITC Confirms SI Group Trade Secrets Misappropriated
1/16 Victory for SI Group in Landmark ITC Case
9/17 Volunteer STAR Award for Tennessee Plant
8/29 SI Group Announces Organizational Changes
8/19 ITC 法官建议10年内禁止进口部分华奇橡胶树脂
6/17 在知识产权案件中對聖萊科特國際集團公司有利的 ITC 規定
5/6 圣莱科特国际集团任命新总裁兼首席执行官
4/29 SI Group to Restructure Operations in France
2/4 圣莱科特高管访问松江与南京酚醛树脂工厂