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SI Group Announces New Calixarene Oilfield Chemistry

New Technology to be Presented at Upcoming Conference in Texas


SCHENECTADY, NY – March 31, 2017 – SI Group, a leading global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions, will present new and innovative oilfield chemistry products at the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International Conference on Oilfield Chemistry in Montgomery, Texas next week April 3-5. The company will introduce advancements in calixarene technology and new paraffin inhibition solutions during a private plenary by invite only, New Challenges, New Solutions, presented by Dr. Robert Cable and Dr. Matthew Meketa.

After having served the oil production industry for over two decades, the company is reinforcing that relationship by introducing novel technology to modern day production challenges that allow for improved performance and added formulation flexibility, including:

  • effective paraffin inhibition chemistry with a much lower pour point than industry standards, allowing for great benefits in cold weather environments;
  • viable solutions for crudes historically categorized as difficult to treat;
  • alternative chemistries to treat paraffin issues; and
  • new calixarene technology for oil water separation, solubilized for improved handling and application development.

“Our oilfield chemistry expertise extends beyond two decades and continues to grow,” said Philip Ingham, Senior Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development at SI Group. “The 2016 launch of REZIFLOW™ and CERIFLOW™ product lines for demulsification and flow assurance, demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the oilfield market. These products deliver high-performing, novel chemistries that ultimately improve the cost and efficiency of oil production.”

REZIFLOW™ products are a range of resins used in the separation of oil and water. REZIFLOW™ products provide enhanced water clarification and significantly faster separation time—thirty to fifty percent faster than competitor products, even at lower dosing rates. CERIFLOW™ products are polymeric compounds that inhibit paraffin and asphaltene deposition on surfaces, allowing for unrestricted flow during crude oil production. SI Group components enable customers to address the most difficult oilfield challenges with best-in-class total cost of ownership.

SI Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of monomers, resins, and in providing resin customization capability. To further support this growing market, the company has established an Oilfield Center of Competence, which comprises a dedicated team of technical experts focused on research and development innovations—innovations which increase the efficiency of oil production through improved production rates, enhanced separated water quality, and reduced downtime. The company’s growing portfolio of oilfield solutions includes demulsifiers and flow assurance intermediates for oil production. These industry-leading technologies solve challenges in upstream and downstream oil production as well as refining. The market for these chemistries is growing due to the industry’s increasingly complex technical needs.

In February, these chemistries were recognized by The Albany Business Review for a Technology in Manufacturing Award.

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SI Group is a leading global developer and manufacturer of chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions that are critical to the quality and performance of countless industrial and consumer goods. Founded in 1906 and headquartered in Schenectady, New York, SI Group is a family-owned company with over 2,700 employees worldwide. SI Group operates 20 manufacturing facilities on five continents with over $1 billion in annual sales. In 2016, SI Group received a silver award for corporate social responsibility by EcoVadis, and is ranked among the top 13 percent of more than 25,000 worldwide companies. SI Group is The Substance Inside. For more information, visit


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