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UNIPOL™ PE Process becomes first licensed PE Technology to use the unique liquid antioxidant


SCHENECTADY, NY – April 15, 2020 – SI Group a leading global developer and manufacturer of performance additives, process solutions, pharmaceuticals and chemical intermediates, is pleased to announce that its WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant has been recognized as a possible additive solution for Univation Technologies’ polyethylene (PE) manufacturing process, UNIPOL™ PE technology. The UNIPOL™ PE process is now the first licensed PE technology to adopt the liquid antioxidant. Effective immediately, WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant can be selected by UNIPOL™ PE licensees as an additive of choice for polyethylene manufacturing.

WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant was tested extensively before being considered as an alternative antioxidant solution for existing and new UNIPOL™ PE trains. Testing included successful reactor qualifications with various catalytic systems as well the successful completion of a new installation start-up. As a result, WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant is now an available option to UNIPOL™ PE licensees. SI Group is proud to support the UNIPOL™ PE licensees who choose WESTON™ 705T in technical and commercial aspects of use.

Compliance with the latest global food contact standards is a key requirement for the polyethylene value chain. Dr. Dave Brassington, Sr. Director-Regulatory Affairs at SI Group, commented on the extensive testing of the liquid antioxidant, “WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant has a thoroughly investigated safety profile and is approved for use in food contact applications in all countries with mandatory registrations; including the US, EU, China, and MERCOSUR.”

Recently, SI Group has expanded its WESTON™ 705T liquid antioxidant manufacturing capacity and global supply chain to support the growth of its unique antioxidant technology with global food contact approvals. Today, SI Group has a network of four independent production lines over two continents with scalable capacities and optimal raw material sourcing capabilities.

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