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Price Change Notice all Grades of Phenolic Resins


January 30, 2006 (Schenectady, New York) Schenectady International Inc. has announced a price increase from US$0.06/LB to US$0.12/LB for all grades of phenolic resins on shipments on or after February 15, 2006. This increase is primarily due to the continued upward market price pressure of crude oil, energy, transportation and petrochemical feed stocks. 

Schenectady International, Inc. is a global manufacturer of alkylphenols, phenolic resins, and electronic chemicals, with 22 operations in 14 countries. Visit for more information on the Schenectady Group of companies. 

Sales and Marketing Contact:

Frank Hart
Director of Sales
Performance Resins Division
Schenectady International, Inc.
(518) 347-4458