Mission & Vision

SI 集团不仅仅是一家化学企业。 我们更是一家拥有 100 多年的化学创新历史,坚持不懈地追求卓越经营的企业。


We innovate and drive change to create value with a passion for safety, chemistry, and extraordinary results.

Everyday items made better every day by continuous advancements in chemistry. It’s the secret ingredient that transforms the world around you, from the tires on your car to the soles of your shoes.

At SI Group, we are building our capabilities, collaborating with customers, and addressing growing market demands. Working hand-in-hand with customers, we are helping to shape the future.

And throughout this process, safety and compliance is the cornerstone of everything we do - safety of our people, customers, the environment, and the communities in which we work.


To be the global performance additives powerhouse

  • Solve customer challenges through innovative chemistry
  • World-class manufacturing standards & processes
  • Industry-leading talent across our global organization
  • Provide superior reliability and deliver quality products across the globe when our customers need them