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SI Group Announces Expansion in Rio Claro, Brazil

SCHENECTADY, NY – April 8, 2015 – SI Group, Inc. announced today an expansion of its affiliated Rio Claro, Brazil manufacturing location with a new, state-of-the-art formaldehyde plant. The expansion is expected to bring another 60,000 metric tons per year of capacity on line.

By investing in Rio Claro, SI Group supports its two-pronged Vision 2020 strategy—substantially improving the company’s strength in business excellence while also creating opportunities to intelligently expand its business. The new formaldehyde plant will transition the company’s affiliated Rio Claro site into a world-class, balanced plant in terms of energy management and productivity.

“SI Group’s new formaldehyde plant brings best-in-class technologies to Rio Claro, substantially improving the efficiency and increasing our sustainability at the site,” said João Paulo Porto, Vice President of South America. “We’re expanding production capabilities to competitively serve customers while positioning our Brazilian operations to meet growth projections for the coming years.”

As a result of this investment at Rio Claro, SI Group will consolidate all of its Brazil operations, including Jundiai, at that site by 2017. All of its current customers will continue to enjoy their current service levels and, in the long term, will benefit from SI Group’s improved efficiency and sustainability.

The site’s expansion is an indicator of the company’s pursuit of developing solutions that address global megatrends, such as environment, resource scarcity, mobility, and changing demographics. These megatrends serve as guideposts for the company’s Vision 2020 strategy and expansion efforts.

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